Following a transcendental, mystical union, many become “booted out” of the matrix. What does this mean? Ever since the movie, “The Matrix,” we had a new concept to describe what humanity had already been sensing about our reality construct: something doesn’t seem quite right. Today we hear people referring to this everyday reality as a “fake world” or simulation. Same feeling – different labels.

For the initiate of “the Actual World,” an expanded perception of Life (and so much more) becomes available. This is what all spiritual seekers want, right? If you think it’s easy, you may want to reconsider this projected path and keep the fantasy in tact. More than likely, the initiate, and/or modern-day mystic will not be escorted to the nearest cave to stay in Oneness while their many followers take care of their worldly needs. Still, it is imperative that the spiritual warriors step forward, and stay true to their original intentions to reclaim the Self on Earth. We do it for All.

Today’s mystics – awakening in modern western cultures – must navigate, blend in, and survive in the world – just like everyone else. Contrary to what many might believe, awakening doesn’t necessarily mean that everything becomes floaty and beautiful. It becomes the hero’s journey, moving through the unknown, with very few examples of other humans who can actually demonstrate multidimensional, in-sync-with-the-planet existence here. We must follow the beacon of energy that contacted and ultimately awakened us – Love – the only real and direct cord to our Source. It’s ALL about energy at this point, and reorienting to our natural state. Everything else becomes a distraction.

Whatever you may have imagined this spiritual event and transformation to be, is valid. But from this expanded view, we see others – even spiritual teachers and loved ones with the best of intentions – that are still only perceiving through the looking-glass of the known, visible spectrum. The most challenging aspect of these events, and what may send some over the edge, is that all worldly identities fall away – even what we were once told was sane, or even wise and holy. It’s the IN-visible (or visible only in the sacred, inner chambers of consciousness) that initiates the totality of human consciousness, or the expansion of sight and senses that the mystic cannot explain, or reduce to the visible spectrum. More often than not, the initiate is quite busy adapting to what feels like infinity while keeping up some sort of consistency-front for friends, family and coworkers. This is only temporary, as the modern-day mystic will continue to be judged and misunderstood until they take ownership, and accept their full inheritance of wholeness.

Another difficult hurdle, is that all that is not activated from the available consciousness of the un-initiated, is projected upon the initiated. This includes the many narratives or storylines derived from the “good” and the “bad” dualistic view. For the un-initiated, the given framing or simulation programming of life on Planet Earth is the unconscious “go-to” for moving about in daily life. Anything outside of these given models of understanding is perceived either as a threat or something to be worshipped, and most will vehemently defend their chosen worldview. Even parables or utilizing their language will not penetrate the closed inner chamber – until, that is, they experience their own, crack-it-open, initiation event.

The initiatory union with our divine core creates the ultimate challenge – a whole new journey of “living in the world, but not being of it.” Prior to the transcendent event(s), the initiated may have participated in these scripts or conditioning of worldly life – either knowingly or unknowingly – but following the expansion and embodiment of More, these scripts cannot be regenerated. For the friends and family members of the initiated, this creates a perception of an intentional distancing, self-absorption, or arrogance, which leads to banishment of the mystic from the group, or established social structures. In the earth-rooted spirituality of the past, they were the shamans, and were welcomed and highly revered. In today’s world, it seems that human beings must have a direct connection to their heart, body, and planet in order to perceive the value of these natural gifts – both within themselves as well as others. Today, there is nothing that ONE can do about these closed-reality misunderstandings. I know, because I tried to “stay and explain” in this strange, in-between state for far too long. It nearly killed me. And it’s time to move on… (to be continued)  – Kasha

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