Sometimes we have to keep pretending – donning the masks for short periods of time so as not to call attention, or disturb to a degree that we (and the universal energies) are ultimately rejected by our communities. Still, it’s vital to be fully conscious that we are, in fact, doing this. In the beginning stages, as we adapt to what feels like sonar navigation through unfamiliar land and seascapes of consciousness, we could easily fall. In the past, blending-in was always key to survival, while in resonance with the inner voice to know when and what to say to whom, and to clearly know what’s next. The sound will guide you from the inner chamber – through the language of Love – that sweet, sweet energy that rises from our core, and meets our every need.

People assume, from the dualistic view, that one day you wake up and you’re done with this chaos. No such thing… at this point anyway. We are the bridge people. It is a fine art; a walking of the razor’s edge in the in-between. Never fully solid in one reality or another. Balancing… always balancing with one silken cord connecting the heart of Heaven to the Heart of Earth, and to the Heart of each individual human. This is our direct tether to the Truth of who we really are – beyond the simulator and its programmed directive to contain our essence.

Without the universal tones to feed and restore our memories… well, it’s not really something we can afford to think about. Having released our conditioned allegiance to the containment, we move forward, fully trusting in this divine metamorphosis. It is the only path now – a return to ONE.  – Kasha

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