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In the in-between, there are definite adjustments in how we approach important life decisions – for example, in the areas of work and income, where to live, and how we choose relationship and community. During the bridge phase, we may not have any, or very little, in the way of other humans to reflect or support our journey to One. It’s an extra blessing if we do, but to truly know the who, why, where, when and what’s next, one relies solely on feelings. Yes, it’s the feminine tones of our design (the natural world, soul, compassion, intuition, healing, nurturing, community, etc.) that have been most consistently devalued or even demonized within simulation programming. And yet, if we can’t feel who we are and what we’re connected to, we will forever loop inside this brilliantly programmed matrix.

There are long spans of uncertainty times that can be extremely uncomfortable for the initiate – as if the Universe is giving us plenty of leeway to breathe, sweat, and ultimately decide whether to fall back, or continue exercising our multidimensional capacities on Earth. Each new crossroads offers the choice to loop back into the familiar closed system, or to choose the expanse of the Loving Unknown. In order to push beyond our past ruts in consciousness, we must trust, be very skilled with the transmutation of fear, and know how to quickly attune to the vibrational beacon of Universal Love. We know when we “connect” to it because there is an active, physiological resonance within our bodies. It’s the most real thing one can feel, and in the power of this feeling present, one just knows what one needs to know. Indeed, the understanding arrives in quite the opposite way of how we were told – that it was our “heads” that deciphered linear data, and then we made critical conclusions based on known facts within the simulator. Who knew that conscious feelings lead to a universal resonance, infinite vibrational data, and a direct connection to the Universal Heart of our Creator – instantaneously.

There’s another stumble that can occur in this phase. The mystical initiate may revert back to the knee-jerk shaming of self-judgment and self-blame for not appearing to be “successful” inside the simulator’s social, cultural, and financial landscapes. In other words, we became ultra-aware that our values and self worth had become intimately connected to the dictates of the program. So to our family and friends we appear more like job-hopping gypsies. But it works – for now anyway, as we adapt to our greater Self worth. So often in the past, as we desperately tried to locate something real to connect to inside the system, we were called losers, nuts, lazy, tortured artists, and more. The only way to move past these triggers is to reconnect with the vibrational truth of our identity. We are literally meeting a Source leveling field of energy now. No matter our gender, race, ethnicity, or social class, we all have the opportunity to grow up, reconnect, and be guided out of this container. The most important component of the awakening equation is to know thyself, or thy signature frequency. It’s not optional. It’s mandatory.

If you are a part of these first waves of awakening, you will more than likely move through the very real pain of feeling utterly alone, anxious and terrified. We became quite accustomed to having the simulator tell us what to do, and how to feel every day – and for some, every hour of our lives. Whether this occurred through parents, religion, education, peers, or media; it’s all the same. If we followed the simulator rules, we didn’t have to feel the extreme judgment of being different; or feel the discomfort of not knowing something we should know. We were conditioned to adopt to one of the given pre-fab models that conveniently addressed all questions. And conversely, if we didn’t follow the rules, we had the discomfort of trying to sustain ourselves in a world that does not support or validate the needs of the Soul. Sadly, this paradoxical wall is usually where we lose a lot of fellow humans, of all ages, to suicide.

In most cases, these are the needless casualties of a polarized world. We have both a collective and individual responsibility to be who we are now – as boldly and truthfully as possible. Why? So that others who may be lost and confused in our communities, can feel and observe another human – actively demonstrating a fearless, Force of Love that transcends polarity and fills in the blanks. The stronger this energy force is, the easier it will be for them to energetically ping from a towering human that exists beyond simulation control. This is how we serve – helping others to re-locate what’s real, and to reorient to their own, unique universal codes of identity and purpose within.

Sometimes it feels like we’ve failed them – the ones who’ve ended their lives. They knew in their hearts that this reality was not compatible with them, and yet they did not have a benevolent, empowering example of what’s possible – beyond the simulation. This is precisely why we all have a responsibility to each other, to boldly and unapologetically, be who we are. This is the motivating force behind this blog – to encourage. And not only to save lives, but more importantly, to help them begin.  – Kasha

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