cosmos within art
Image by John Poppleton

It’s like translating a mountain river. Perhaps you heard about them, but you’ve never actually stood on the bank, opened your heart, and activated all of your known senses. The rushing water, the grass, the tall pines, the sky, the mountains, the breeze; it’s almost too much beauty to take in at once. Understandable, of course, because at one time the majority of us quite easily accepted the simulator’s mandatory requirement to block our greater design and senses. These are the senses that we utilize in their limited capacity in 3D, yet they vividly traverse multi-dimensions, and thrive well beyond the programmed world. They are accessed through our watery feeling nature, beauty, and the tonal language of the universe. Adapting to Infinity is the new course for an evolving human consciousness. However, translating this opportunity to step through an inner, cosmic doorway to more – especially to those who continue to perpetuate fragmented lives within the simulator – is quite the other.

Words are not our friend in the in-between. We don’t require them. If someone engages with us in the simulated world, it can be quite a process before we respond. Depending on how long an initiate has been practicing life beyond the matrix, we may initially appear autistic or “slow.” Of course, if it is a superficial interaction that requires a simple yes or no response, it’s easy. But if the question or invitation to engage goes deeper, we must first tune into the trapped energy and related belief systems from which the question arose. In other words, which model do we draw from so that our answer is understood? Or perhaps we do not respond at all.

On the other hand, we may initiate conversation with others – meaning we say or do something that appears shocking for the purpose of interrupting the “spin cycle” of the programmed mind. This only occurs if there is an inner prompt from the Soul or Universal level – never from the egoic mind. The translated words stream through from a greatly expanded, or multidimensional space. Some call this channeling – a highly misunderstood word and concept. There are many “new-age” styles and approaches to this phenomenon from within the simulation. Beyond the simulator, we are freed up to exercise more of an innate, wholistic approach to cosmic communion. This is because we’ve transcended polarity, and for some who are designed to serve humanity on the bridge, we are able to translate from instantaneous knowing, back into language again. It is a way of reaching our hand out to you, and helping you to feel safe and trusting of another human, rather than a “scary alien” life form. Many of the Lucid Ones have already met these beings over our lifetimes, and transcended these collective fears for you.

The whole view is initiated by the direct experience of Source/Creator/God-Goddess within our consciousness – which includes the body. The humans who still think and organize their lives within the simulator, have not yet had a direct experience of the universal within their physiology. This causes them to remain in the intellect-alone, where they are comfortable, and are completely dependent on the simulator’s constructs, along with its bandwidth of linear knowledge and explanations. For now, this is all I will say on this topic. Like so many natural abilities and understandings that awaken through the incoming waves of resonant data, at a certain point it isn’t worth using energy to explain to the linear mind. Why? Because we are moving across the bridge, which is a temporary blend in consciousness that manifested out of necessity, and as a dynamic staging ground to more.

Soon we must end the simulator’s exhaustive demands for interpretation through polarity consciousness only. This limited design reduced our consciousness to a powerless, disconnected way of being that was created to harness our energy – pure and simple. The Lucid Ones no longer serve this construct. We clearly see that its institutions were developed to “educate,” aka program, humanity for this specific purpose. And if any confusion or unanswered questions were born from this polarized 3D reality, they were addressed through the platform of religion.

Indeed, we must go direct to fully remember and access who we are. And for those who do not yet have “the eyes to see or the ears to hear,” it is only the simulation programming that stands in our way. It is far more simple to awaken from it than what we were originally conditioned to think. It seems many of us were contacted and informed of this from Beyond. Yes, those crazy stories you hear about humans in contact with non-human intelligence. Well now we’re here to help you, our fellow humans, to remember how to feel and sense Infinity, and reorient to your natural design. Once this is achieved, Translating Infinity will then become obsolete. Together we’ll roll up the bridge, and be wholly on our way. – Kasha

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