Winters Tale Waiting for Her Fate, by Ylenia Viola

I’m obsessed with finding a doorway in.
It’s getting harder.
What would be the draw
For someone like me
To hang out in between
The beyond and beyond?
Waiting, I dare say,
To see if I can be of assistance
To those who are surprised to be
Ejected from the machine.
Some things you just know in your bones,
From within.
From home.
But understand,
We don’t get labels, titles, or job descriptions here
In the neutral zone.
We know what we know,
When we have a need to know.
Never far,
Like angels I suppose.

© Kasha 2017

4 thoughts on “Waiting – A Poem

  1. Wow, great poem! very well written. I especially love the last few lines – “we know what we need to know, when we have a need to know. never far, whispering like angers I suppose.” Nicely done! Look forward to reading more of your poems

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