GoldMaskHow are you doing in the chaos these days? It’s a mess, for sure, but really the only way to recreate ourselves and our collective reality. This is the point where we find out just how clear we are about ourselves, as well as receive feedback on how we’re doing – directly from our every day lives and relationships. It can be brutal – especially when forced to look at our own personal authenticity meter. How much of what we present to the world is a mask, and how much of it is, well, authentic?

This is the timing when we find out if everything we’ve been spouting out into the world is in actuality, true. We were conditioned to build stories, and then climb into them. It isn’t all bad. I recall some fantastic stories that I enjoyed for a while, but in the end, it wasn’t really me. It was a way to make money, or a way to secure something that I didn’t receive in childhood. I found a way to pretend to be something I am not – in order to survive and get those needs met. We were not encouraged to be authentic, and we haven’t been for generations. It’s because we needed to pour all of our energy into designing a “self,” or selves, that could prosper within the confines of this reality.

There is no more time to dance around or avoid what it is we are here for, and it has nothing to do with propping up an old reality. I have found that most people I meet have no idea who they are and why they are here. Or, they are spinning out of control with what they were previously taught had value – now dangerous debris flying out from a once-predictable orbit.

Whether it’s blamed on politics, the economy, or the neighbor, people seem to feel justified in their particular rage or stasis. Confusion is the operative word. This is when we discover just how invested we were in a false identity, for the purpose of making money or finding that elusive love. Careers and relationships based on false identities are doomed to fail, and as of this point in time, it’s near impossible to even create one based on the equations of a dying world. In addition, it is supremely challenging to grow and stay; meaning, to continue to co-create or team-build a collective new reality with others who are not interested in dissolving the prison walls they have unconsciously adapted to, and identified as “life.”

What is the solution? Even if you’re not religious, pray like the dickens to find yourSelf, or gravitate to those who have manifested authenticity – not just to those who spout about it. Look for the new demonstrators who hang out in the overlapping, higher-frequency reality. You may make mistakes about who these demonstrators actually are, simply because you have lost your natural instincts in this virtual reality, but given these times of high-acceleration, you’ll be given immediate feedback and catch on pretty quickly.

Everything is moving at lightning speed now… but attempting to hold on to masks or related circumstances of the old world will keep you looping in a nightmare. Tear off the mask; be present, trust, and find your balance. You’ll need it to walk confidently on the razor’s edge of an infinity of new possibilities. ~ Kasha

Tear off the mask. Your face is glorious.  ~ Rumi



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