We have had repeated transcendent experiences that changed our consciousness. Following these life-transforming events, we developed ways of accessing and translating frequency into sounds, words, and action. These energies have awakened and initiated us into natural healing methods for humanity, as well as for the restoration of our Mother Earth. We exist beyond the simulation – or everything humanity has been previously programmed to think is real.

The inspiring messages, expanded gifts, and inspirations come from light and sound – from within – the ONE true language of the Multiverse. We are aware of many who will dismiss this as crazy. Of course this is understood, as these individuals are either still fully compliant with the simulation, or they are emerging – afraid, confused, and not fully utilizing their natural capacities to see and know the truth. We witness so many still residing within a very limited reality – one that the majority of us were indoctrinated into. Before these contact events, we quite easily accepted this insane way of life too. However, make no mistake, we are also here to be witness to your awakening. If you think the natural state of love and the ability to expand beyond the borders of the simulator is crazy, well… very soon you will see… and feel the power of what we speak of. Yes, this will be a felt experience, and it will occur within you. And the simple physics of this is, the more of us that emerge from the simulator, the easier it will get.

There are growing numbers of us who have been contacted and “activated” by a resonant field of intelligence. Our transformations happened over many years and in many ways. As a result, we now live Beyond Simulation. We walk the same roads, shop in the same stores, and watch the same movies as you. We have nothing to lose and nothing left in the former simulation in which to identify with. Yet we are here. In this timing now, we are a growing collective – re-tuning and supporting humanity from the ground up. We do this with the Earth, and identify with the the natural world and natural-universal law. Soon there will be many who share here. If you are ONE, contact us, and tell us why you are inspired to add your voice to Lucid ONE Walking.