This is Happening


This is happening…

I’m on the move again.



States –

The kind they show on a map,

And the united states of


Always feeling,

Always listening.

I used to believe that I was stepping,

But somehow the path

Got lost

Trapped in its own weight and meaning.

This is happening…

My state of dreaming

Is gone.

I get it.

We are streaming…

And This



~ Kasha 2017

Tear Off the Mask

GoldMaskHow are you doing in the chaos these days? It’s a mess, for sure, but really the only way to recreate ourselves and our collective reality. This is the point where we find out just how clear we are about ourselves, as well as receive feedback on how we’re doing – directly from our every day lives and relationships. It can be brutal – especially when forced to look at our own personal authenticity meter. How much of what we present to the world is a mask, and how much of it is, well, authentic?

This is the timing when we find out if everything we’ve been spouting out into the world is in actuality, true. We were conditioned to build stories, and then climb into them. It isn’t all bad. I recall some fantastic stories that I enjoyed for a while, but in the end, it wasn’t really me. It was a way to make money, or a way to secure something that I didn’t receive in childhood. I found a way to pretend to be something I am not – in order to survive and get those needs met. We were not encouraged to be authentic, and we haven’t been for generations. It’s because we needed to pour all of our energy into designing a “self,” or selves, that could prosper within the confines of this reality.

There is no more time to dance around or avoid what it is we are here for, and it has nothing to do with propping up an old reality. I have found that most people I meet have no idea who they are and why they are here. Or, they are spinning out of control with what they were previously taught had value – now dangerous debris flying out from a once-predictable orbit.

Whether it’s blamed on politics, the economy, or the neighbor, people seem to feel justified in their particular rage or stasis. Confusion is the operative word. This is when we discover just how invested we were in a false identity, for the purpose of making money or finding that elusive love. Careers and relationships based on false identities are doomed to fail, and as of this point in time, it’s near impossible to even create one based on the equations of a dying world. In addition, it is supremely challenging to grow and stay; meaning, to continue to co-create or team-build a collective new reality with others who are not interested in dissolving the prison walls they have unconsciously adapted to, and identified as “life.”

What is the solution? Even if you’re not religious, pray like the dickens to find yourSelf, or gravitate to those who have manifested authenticity – not just to those who spout about it. Look for the new demonstrators who hang out in the overlapping, higher-frequency reality. You may make mistakes about who these demonstrators actually are, simply because you have lost your natural instincts in this virtual reality, but given these times of high-acceleration, you’ll be given immediate feedback and catch on pretty quickly.

Everything is moving at lightning speed now… but attempting to hold on to masks or related circumstances of the old world will keep you looping in a nightmare. Tear off the mask; be present, trust, and find your balance. You’ll need it to walk confidently on the razor’s edge of an infinity of new possibilities. ~ Kasha

Tear off the mask. Your face is glorious.  ~ Rumi



Waiting – A Poem

Winters Tale Waiting for Her Fate, by Ylenia Viola

I’m obsessed with finding a doorway in.
It’s getting harder.
What would be the draw
For someone like me
To hang out in between
The beyond and beyond?
Waiting, I dare say,
To see if I can be of assistance
To those who are surprised to be
Ejected from the machine.
Some things you just know in your bones,
From within.
From home.
But understand,
We don’t get labels, titles, or job descriptions here
In the neutral zone.
We know what we know,
When we have a need to know.
Never far,
Like angels I suppose.

© Kasha 2017

Looping with John

curly hair boy
A borrowed photo from the internet. Almost an exact match to John.

I went for a run this morning. At first I was gloriously alone with my thoughts, my muscles, my breathing, as I ran around the old, abandoned track. It’s just down the road from my temporary living situation. Soon I was joined on the track by a mother and her two small children – a boy and a girl.

The little girl clung to her mom as they strolled down the middle of the track. It was different for the curly-haired boy. I guessed his age to be around three or four. He easily parted ways with his little family and began running back towards me. Just as I was closing in on lapping them all, he put up a waving hand and shouted, “Hello! My name is John!” I happily replied, “Hello John, my name is Kasha!” His mother glanced over her shoulder to check on her little boy’s welfare, so I cheerfully greeted her as well. Immediately, she put her head down and mumbled something that I assumed was a greeting.

The next time I lapped them, John repeated his behavior and words exactly: “Hello! My name is John!” I instantly understood the game and replied with my exact lines as well. I heard John giggle, just a little. When I neared him on my third lap, John was ready for me. This time he giggled and repeated his lines. I giggled and repeated mine. It happened on the fourth lap too. The delivery of our lines were precise, while we both played with the energy of our growing connection. On the fifth lap it changed. This time John shouted, “Do you know me? Who am I?” and then he laughed and laughed. I replied, “I know you well, John. Who am I?” John was so tickled that all he could do was laugh. Of course my level of tickled was through the roof now. I couldn’t wait to see what the next lap would bring.

On my last lap I noticed that John had been pulled close to his mom and sister. He was being scolded. He wanted to look at me and continue the momentum of our game. Instead, he was down, crosslegged on the pavement, with his face buried in his hands. He was not allowed to connect with me. I felt a pain in my heart, but I refused to stop our joy. As I passed by, I shouted, “John! I’m here again, and I know who you are!” Mom wasn’t happy with me. No matter. I wanted John to know that I enjoyed our game, and that each time we looped around and became aware of each other again, it was a brand new moment of seeing and experiencing our shared awareness of life… both in the game and beyond.

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Translating Infinity

cosmos within art
Image by John Poppleton

It’s like translating a mountain river. Perhaps you heard about them, but you’ve never actually stood on the bank, opened your heart, and activated all of your known senses. The rushing water, the grass, the tall pines, the sky, the mountains, the breeze; it’s almost too much beauty to take in at once. Understandable, of course, because at one time the majority of us quite easily accepted the simulator’s mandatory requirement to block our greater design and senses. These are the senses that we utilize in their limited capacity in 3D, yet they vividly traverse multi-dimensions, and thrive well beyond the programmed world. They are accessed through our watery feeling nature, beauty, and the tonal language of the universe. Adapting to Infinity is the new course for an evolving human consciousness. However, translating this opportunity to step through an inner, cosmic doorway to more – especially to those who continue to perpetuate fragmented lives within the simulator – is quite the other.

Words are not our friend in the in-between. We don’t require them. If someone engages with us in the simulated world, it can be quite a process before we respond. Depending on how long an initiate has been practicing life beyond the matrix, we may initially appear autistic or “slow.” Of course, if it is a superficial interaction that requires a simple yes or no response, it’s easy. But if the question or invitation to engage goes deeper, we must first tune into the trapped energy and related belief systems from which the question arose. In other words, which model do we draw from so that our answer is understood? Or perhaps we do not respond at all.

On the other hand, we may initiate conversation with others – meaning we say or do something that appears shocking for the purpose of interrupting the “spin cycle” of the programmed mind. This only occurs if there is an inner prompt from the Soul or Universal level – never from the egoic mind. The translated words stream through from a greatly expanded, or multidimensional space. Some call this channeling – a highly misunderstood word and concept. There are many “new-age” styles and approaches to this phenomenon from within the simulation. Beyond the simulator, we are freed up to exercise more of an innate, wholistic approach to cosmic communion. This is because we’ve transcended polarity, and for some who are designed to serve humanity on the bridge, we are able to translate from instantaneous knowing, back into language again. It is a way of reaching our hand out to you, and helping you to feel safe and trusting of another human, rather than a “scary alien” life form. Many of the Lucid Ones have already met these beings over our lifetimes, and transcended these collective fears for you.

The whole view is initiated by the direct experience of Source/Creator/God-Goddess within our consciousness – which includes the body. The humans who still think and organize their lives within the simulator, have not yet had a direct experience of the universal within their physiology. This causes them to remain in the intellect-alone, where they are comfortable, and are completely dependent on the simulator’s constructs, along with its bandwidth of linear knowledge and explanations. For now, this is all I will say on this topic. Like so many natural abilities and understandings that awaken through the incoming waves of resonant data, at a certain point it isn’t worth using energy to explain to the linear mind. Why? Because we are moving across the bridge, which is a temporary blend in consciousness that manifested out of necessity, and as a dynamic staging ground to more.

Soon we must end the simulator’s exhaustive demands for interpretation through polarity consciousness only. This limited design reduced our consciousness to a powerless, disconnected way of being that was created to harness our energy – pure and simple. The Lucid Ones no longer serve this construct. We clearly see that its institutions were developed to “educate,” aka program, humanity for this specific purpose. And if any confusion or unanswered questions were born from this polarized 3D reality, they were addressed through the platform of religion.

Indeed, we must go direct to fully remember and access who we are. And for those who do not yet have “the eyes to see or the ears to hear,” it is only the simulation programming that stands in our way. It is far more simple to awaken from it than what we were originally conditioned to think. It seems many of us were contacted and informed of this from Beyond. Yes, those crazy stories you hear about humans in contact with non-human intelligence. Well now we’re here to help you, our fellow humans, to remember how to feel and sense Infinity, and reorient to your natural design. Once this is achieved, Translating Infinity will then become obsolete. Together we’ll roll up the bridge, and be wholly on our way. – Kasha

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A Feel-Guide for the Journey

hikers to sun

In the in-between, there are definite adjustments in how we approach important life decisions – for example, in the areas of work and income, where to live, and how we choose relationship and community. During the bridge phase, we may not have any, or very little, in the way of other humans to reflect or support our journey to One. It’s an extra blessing if we do, but to truly know the who, why, where, when and what’s next, one relies solely on feelings. Yes, it’s the feminine tones of our design (the natural world, soul, compassion, intuition, healing, nurturing, community, etc.) that have been most consistently devalued or even demonized within simulation programming. And yet, if we can’t feel who we are and what we’re connected to, we will forever loop inside this brilliantly programmed matrix.

There are long spans of uncertainty times that can be extremely uncomfortable for the initiate – as if the Universe is giving us plenty of leeway to breathe, sweat, and ultimately decide whether to fall back, or continue exercising our multidimensional capacities on Earth. Each new crossroads offers the choice to loop back into the familiar closed system, or to choose the expanse of the Loving Unknown. In order to push beyond our past ruts in consciousness, we must trust, be very skilled with the transmutation of fear, and know how to quickly attune to the vibrational beacon of Universal Love. We know when we “connect” to it because there is an active, physiological resonance within our bodies. It’s the most real thing one can feel, and in the power of this feeling present, one just knows what one needs to know. Indeed, the understanding arrives in quite the opposite way of how we were told – that it was our “heads” that deciphered linear data, and then we made critical conclusions based on known facts within the simulator. Who knew that conscious feelings lead to a universal resonance, infinite vibrational data, and a direct connection to the Universal Heart of our Creator – instantaneously.

There’s another stumble that can occur in this phase. The mystical initiate may revert back to the knee-jerk shaming of self-judgment and self-blame for not appearing to be “successful” inside the simulator’s social, cultural, and financial landscapes. In other words, we became ultra-aware that our values and self worth had become intimately connected to the dictates of the program. So to our family and friends we appear more like job-hopping gypsies. But it works – for now anyway, as we adapt to our greater Self worth. So often in the past, as we desperately tried to locate something real to connect to inside the system, we were called losers, nuts, lazy, tortured artists, and more. The only way to move past these triggers is to reconnect with the vibrational truth of our identity. We are literally meeting a Source leveling field of energy now. No matter our gender, race, ethnicity, or social class, we all have the opportunity to grow up, reconnect, and be guided out of this container. The most important component of the awakening equation is to know thyself, or thy signature frequency. It’s not optional. It’s mandatory.

If you are a part of these first waves of awakening, you will more than likely move through the very real pain of feeling utterly alone, anxious and terrified. We became quite accustomed to having the simulator tell us what to do, and how to feel every day – and for some, every hour of our lives. Whether this occurred through parents, religion, education, peers, or media; it’s all the same. If we followed the simulator rules, we didn’t have to feel the extreme judgment of being different; or feel the discomfort of not knowing something we should know. We were conditioned to adopt to one of the given pre-fab models that conveniently addressed all questions. And conversely, if we didn’t follow the rules, we had the discomfort of trying to sustain ourselves in a world that does not support or validate the needs of the Soul. Sadly, this paradoxical wall is usually where we lose a lot of fellow humans, of all ages, to suicide.

In most cases, these are the needless casualties of a polarized world. We have both a collective and individual responsibility to be who we are now – as boldly and truthfully as possible. Why? So that others who may be lost and confused in our communities, can feel and observe another human – actively demonstrating a fearless, Force of Love that transcends polarity and fills in the blanks. The stronger this energy force is, the easier it will be for them to energetically ping from a towering human that exists beyond simulation control. This is how we serve – helping others to re-locate what’s real, and to reorient to their own, unique universal codes of identity and purpose within.

Sometimes it feels like we’ve failed them – the ones who’ve ended their lives. They knew in their hearts that this reality was not compatible with them, and yet they did not have a benevolent, empowering example of what’s possible – beyond the simulation. This is precisely why we all have a responsibility to each other, to boldly and unapologetically, be who we are. This is the motivating force behind this blog – to encourage. And not only to save lives, but more importantly, to help them begin.  – Kasha

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The Bridge People


Sometimes we have to keep pretending – donning the masks for short periods of time so as not to call attention, or disturb to a degree that we (and the universal energies) are ultimately rejected by our communities. Still, it’s vital to be fully conscious that we are, in fact, doing this. In the beginning stages, as we adapt to what feels like sonar navigation through unfamiliar land and seascapes of consciousness, we could easily fall. In the past, blending-in was always key to survival, while in resonance with the inner voice to know when and what to say to whom, and to clearly know what’s next. The sound will guide you from the inner chamber – through the language of Love – that sweet, sweet energy that rises from our core, and meets our every need.

People assume, from the dualistic view, that one day you wake up and you’re done with this chaos. No such thing… at this point anyway. We are the bridge people. It is a fine art; a walking of the razor’s edge in the in-between. Never fully solid in one reality or another. Balancing… always balancing with one silken cord connecting the heart of Heaven to the Heart of Earth, and to the Heart of each individual human. This is our direct tether to the Truth of who we really are – beyond the simulator and its programmed directive to contain our essence.

Without the universal tones to feed and restore our memories… well, it’s not really something we can afford to think about. Having released our conditioned allegiance to the containment, we move forward, fully trusting in this divine metamorphosis. It is the only path now – a return to ONE.  – Kasha

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I Was Booted Out of the Matrix


Following a transcendental, mystical union, many become “booted out” of the matrix. What does this mean? Ever since the movie, “The Matrix,” we had a new concept to describe what humanity had already been sensing about our reality construct: something doesn’t seem quite right. Today we hear people referring to this everyday reality as a “fake world” or simulation. Same feeling – different labels.

For the initiate of “the Actual World,” an expanded perception of Life (and so much more) becomes available. This is what all spiritual seekers want, right? If you think it’s easy, you may want to reconsider this projected path and keep the fantasy in tact. More than likely, the initiate, and/or modern-day mystic will not be escorted to the nearest cave to stay in Oneness while their many followers take care of their worldly needs. Still, it is imperative that the spiritual warriors step forward, and stay true to their original intentions to reclaim the Self on Earth. We do it for All.

Today’s mystics – awakening in modern western cultures – must navigate, blend in, and survive in the world – just like everyone else. Contrary to what many might believe, awakening doesn’t necessarily mean that everything becomes floaty and beautiful. It becomes the hero’s journey, moving through the unknown, with very few examples of other humans who can actually demonstrate multidimensional, in-sync-with-the-planet existence here. We must follow the beacon of energy that contacted and ultimately awakened us – Love – the only real and direct cord to our Source. It’s ALL about energy at this point, and reorienting to our natural state. Everything else becomes a distraction.

Whatever you may have imagined this spiritual event and transformation to be, is valid. But from this expanded view, we see others – even spiritual teachers and loved ones with the best of intentions – that are still only perceiving through the looking-glass of the known, visible spectrum. The most challenging aspect of these events, and what may send some over the edge, is that all worldly identities fall away – even what we were once told was sane, or even wise and holy. It’s the IN-visible (or visible only in the sacred, inner chambers of consciousness) that initiates the totality of human consciousness, or the expansion of sight and senses that the mystic cannot explain, or reduce to the visible spectrum. More often than not, the initiate is quite busy adapting to what feels like infinity while keeping up some sort of consistency-front for friends, family and coworkers. This is only temporary, as the modern-day mystic will continue to be judged and misunderstood until they take ownership, and accept their full inheritance of wholeness.

Another difficult hurdle, is that all that is not activated from the available consciousness of the un-initiated, is projected upon the initiated. This includes the many narratives or storylines derived from the “good” and the “bad” dualistic view. For the un-initiated, the given framing or simulation programming of life on Planet Earth is the unconscious “go-to” for moving about in daily life. Anything outside of these given models of understanding is perceived either as a threat or something to be worshipped, and most will vehemently defend their chosen worldview. Even parables or utilizing their language will not penetrate the closed inner chamber – until, that is, they experience their own, crack-it-open, initiation event.

The initiatory union with our divine core creates the ultimate challenge – a whole new journey of “living in the world, but not being of it.” Prior to the transcendent event(s), the initiated may have participated in these scripts or conditioning of worldly life – either knowingly or unknowingly – but following the expansion and embodiment of More, these scripts cannot be regenerated. For the friends and family members of the initiated, this creates a perception of an intentional distancing, self-absorption, or arrogance, which leads to banishment of the mystic from the group, or established social structures. In the earth-rooted spirituality of the past, they were the shamans, and were welcomed and highly revered. In today’s world, it seems that human beings must have a direct connection to their heart, body, and planet in order to perceive the value of these natural gifts – both within themselves as well as others. Today, there is nothing that ONE can do about these closed-reality misunderstandings. I know, because I tried to “stay and explain” in this strange, in-between state for far too long. It nearly killed me. And it’s time to move on… (to be continued)  – Kasha

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